Marketing Automation and Ad Technologies Collide – BOOM!

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Marketing Automation and Ad Technologies Collide - BOOM!

The role of data has grown over the past decade and is finally at a crest of accessibility. Previously, marketers suffered from complex data integrations to pull prospective users and customers into segmented, targeted lists for advertising and acquisition programs. But we are now preverbal light at the end of the tunnel to actually put […]

Rocket Fuel Buys X+1 – Programmatic Ad Buy and Data Management

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Rocketfuel x+1

Rocket Fuel, an automated ad buying platform, has purchased the ad-tech firm X+1 for a reported $230 million the company announced Tuesday August 5th, 2014. This aquisition brings the powerful Origin data management and programmatic ad buying technology under the Rocket Fuel umbrella. Digital media buyers and publishers are at the crest of the migration […]

The Official Guide to Reddit – Reddit 101

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Ever wonder what all the buzz was about Reddit? Some people just don’t get the message board style layout of Reddit. But most of them have heard of it and may have event checked it out once or twice. It’s pretty difficult to get the hang of it. Ever wonder what happened to the Technology […]

Don’t Over Value Your Link Building – It’s Been Deemphasized

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As difficult as it is to work to get a “true high quality link”, it is equally as hard to measure the value of that external link to a web site. Now that the industry is flooded with Penguin Update issues (or work) and a vast amount of industry advice that guide professionals in different […]

Learn to use Twitter like a Pro – Compete with the Elite

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im huge on twitter

Social Media Today poster Andrew Hutchinson posted well thought out advice explaining how to use Twitter to amplify your reach and gain new audiences. Some interesting tactics include the usage of RT (retweet) and MT (modified), pinned tweets, hashtagify, statistics on CTR based on the usage of images and other nuggets of knowledge. Getting into […]

Bolt – New App from Facebook and Instagram on the Horizon

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Facebook May have let the cat out of the bag (again) recently when An ad for a new app called Bolt mysteriously appeared on Instagram on Wednesday, July 23rd. Android users reported seeing a new banner-style app-install ad on on the service, according to TechCrunch, which featured a “one tap photo messaging” app called Bolt. […]

RLSA’s are Here to Stay – Retargeting Done Right

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The audience of your web site is your most important customer. Within Google AdWords is the power of the audience tab. It’s very important to set up retargeting lists within your AdWords campaign. Not just one bulk list, but segmented lists related to services, categories, behaviors or other identifying metrics. You are paying for your […]

Don’t Just Take a Selfie: Eat It!

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selfie toaster

It has been too long since we reminded you, “Don’t tweet it, Eat it”, but now we may have seen life imitate art. This delicious little toaster will take your selfie image and burn it into your favorite slice of bread. The company has been around for quite sometime and is now going gangbusters with […]

Google Analytics iPhone App Release

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google analytics mobile app

Download the official Google Analytics app for your iPhone and you are immediately greeted with Real Time analytics, which are killer to see on mobile. Often, Real Time appeared “clunky” on desktop, however – just seeing it on mobile opens up a world of immediate possibilities. The app is extremely fast and crammed with all […]