Social Media Ferguson: How Protesters Organization Failed

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Ferguson Social Media

In the aftermath of a horrific evening of protesting in Ferguson Missouri, after the announcement related to Darren Wilson not being indicted for the shooting death of Michael Brown, community leaders and social organizers turned to a handful of twitter handles (notably: Netta @nettaaaaaaaa and DeRay @deray), tumblr accounts and web sites for instructions on […]

Growing Up Tech: Kids Today in this Digital World

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Kids in the Digital World and Tech

Our kids today are consumed by the digital world. Wether they are on their iPads, Face-Timing cousins or playing apps on their phone it is virtually unavoidable. It is the new way to ground our kids, “I’ll change the wi-fi password!” And we are all concerned with what technology is doing to our children’s brains, […]

Topic Based Search Results – The Judas Effect

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Topical Search Results

A shift toward topic modelling for search has been researched and documented over the past year and may prove valuable as a shift in major search engines algo’s toward providing more accurate results related to common understanding and trends. These results may lead to better result page listings for users, but will this decrease ad […]

DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Goes Down Costing Publishers Over 1 Million per Hour

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DFP Design

The platform used by publishers, DoubleClick for Publishers, worldwide went down today (11-12-2014) at the beginning of business hours (EST) and stayed down for almost 3 hours. Google scrambled and answered support questions with, “The issue has already been escalated to our engineers and we are urgently working on resolving the issue.” So, we saw […]

Tumblr Launches Net Neutrality Merch with Community Artists

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tumblr net nuetrality t-shirts

Tumblr has produced a limited edition offering of T-Shirts from a community of artists including Cindy Suen, Traceloops, Mikey Burton, Santtu Mustonen and Pasquale D’Silva. Proceeds are to go to the Media Democracy Fund’s Open Internet Defense Fund and will help fund the fight for Net Neutrality. See all five month designs here This on […]

Mashies Awarded by Mashable

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Mashable recently gathered many of the worlds leading social agencies together in NYC for its annual Mashies, Mashable’s digital marketing and advertising awards program, has come and gone. Finalists and digital marketing enthusiasts gathered in New York Tuesday evening at an awards ceremony at Gotham Hall to celebrate the outstanding work and to congratulate the […]

Google Pirate Update Takes Aim at Torrent Sites

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pirate update 2 torrent

Officially, Google has announced that the Pirate 2 Update was rolled out targeting Torrent sites and down-ranking them. Here is a list of the current Top 30 Losers from Pirate. Google’s Pirate Update is a filter introduced in August 2012 designed to prevent sites with many copyright infringement reports, as filed through Google’s DMCA system, […]

GMail Inbox Poised to Change the Way You Look at EMail

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Google is in the process of serving up more invites for it’s INBOX app as well as allowing users who already have access the ability to invite others in. The new Inbox allows users to see their emails like how they would see search results, simply by typing in My Inbox or other related terms […]

Anonymous Facebook Sharing App on the Horizon

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facebook anonymous app

The social network has been very busy this year and with its recent acquisitions of Bolt, Branch and WhatsApp it appears that a new Facebook application will be released allowing users to share posts/content with one another anonymously. This takes the privacy conversation to another level if Facebook can convince the world that they truly […]

Ozy Gains $20 Million Investment from Axel Springer

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ozy 20 million investment

Now the largest investor in Ozy with $20 million Axel Springer sits on the Germany based company who has up til now seen only a few million in the bank. Ozy was founded by Carlos Watson, former MSNBC anchor, is a news/media site offering up a daily dose of “smarter, fresher, different” news. The company […]