Bolt – New App from Facebook and Instagram on the Horizon

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Facebook May have let the cat out of the bag (again) recently when An ad for a new app called Bolt mysteriously appeared on Instagram on Wednesday, July 23rd. Android users reported seeing a new banner-style app-install ad on on the service, according to TechCrunch, which featured a “one tap photo messaging” app called Bolt. […]

RLSA’s are Here to Stay – Retargeting Done Right

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The audience of your web site is your most important customer. Within Google AdWords is the power of the audience tab. It’s very important to set up retargeting lists within your AdWords campaign. Not just one bulk list, but segmented lists related to services, categories, behaviors or other identifying metrics. You are paying for your […]

Don’t Just Take a Selfie: Eat It!

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selfie toaster

It has been too long since we reminded you, “Don’t tweet it, Eat it”, but now we may have seen life imitate art. This delicious little toaster will take your selfie image and burn it into your favorite slice of bread. The company has been around for quite sometime and is now going gangbusters with […]

Google Analytics iPhone App Release

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google analytics mobile app

Download the official Google Analytics app for your iPhone and you are immediately greeted with Real Time analytics, which are killer to see on mobile. Often, Real Time appeared “clunky” on desktop, however – just seeing it on mobile opens up a world of immediate possibilities. The app is extremely fast and crammed with all […]

Emoji Movie – The History of Emoji – FUN!

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We have been invaded by Emoji for quite some time now. Our texts and lives. Here is a cute little video from Dissolve made with Emoji – you’ll love it. BONUS: Decode These Emojis to Guess the TV Show

Think Silicon Valley is Just for Kids?

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After publishing our recent article on Founder/Editor Todd Bailey and his 40 Under 40 accomplishment we got to wonder, what lies in store for those of us that become “over the hill”. Tech has always been considered a young persons game, but we all grow up sometime. Techcrunch recently published a great gallery of 40 […]

Todd Bailey Receives 40 Under 40 Honor – BCT

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Todd Bailey 40 Under 40 SEO

Congratulations to pushStar Digital Founder/Editor and Gen3 Marketing Director of Search & PR Todd Bailey for being inducted into the 40 Under 40 Class of 2014 celebrating the most dynamic young men and women under the age of 40 who shine in our communities. “I am very honored to be recognized amongst my peers and […]

Don’t Cry for Me Argentina – LioMessi_

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In a follow up to our previous popular post regarding the World Cup being the largest social media event of all time we are following @LioMessi_ try an cement a spot in the finals. Our prediction was accurate with the #USMNT finally eclipsing 1 million Twitter followers. Will the torch be passed to from Diego […]

How Do Things Go Viral on the Internet?

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Ever wonder how some people can get their Memes or videos to go viral? Armand Valdes of Mashable does a great job of explaining how things go viral on the Internet. Certain topics like DIY projects, funny videos and animals are all great cases for viral content.