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Tracking Cross Channel Marketing efforts by reviewing analytics, insights and other data is an effective way to understand the impact of one or multiple campaigns but is laborious in nature.  Being able to dissect the true impact and contribution from each campaign or medium and conversely relate that in a fashionable report will allow you to understand the effectiveness of each.  The practice of understanding when and where your brand is positioned across multiple mediums is the core responsibility of a marketer if they want to digest this type of valuable data.  Why so valuable?

Do you Discover while watching TV, at Trade Shows or at large events?  If not, you should because you’re missing out on the exciting pop-communication happening around you.  I was astounded at a recent trade show to find that the sales reps who were attending with me didn’t have this Twitter knowledge and understanding.  With a quick tutorial we were able to get them up to speed and involved in that engagement.  Later that day they were more involved with participants and exhibitors.

In it’s simplest form, a Cross Channel Marketing has a loss of true tracking and relies on its prospects to engage in the next steps of the marketing flow uninhibited.  So, how can you measure behaviour while the subject is travelling through the un-monitored channel?  Omniture, Core Metrics, HubSpot, Google Analytics Multi-Channel data analysis and NICE offer opportunities that meet many marketers needs to accumulate the data across channels, still it is up to the analyst to compile online and offline efforts to understand and present them in a valuable fashion.  Being able to understand the percentages and ratios between both offline and online contributions throughout KPI cycles or more importantly to conversion.

This process has become more in depth and streamlined with an understanding of both your campaign goals and your analytics platforms capabilities.  Establish a forecast or benchmark before implementation and follow through upon completion of the campaigns.

Social Media Managers are being more often tasked with these practices and may find themselves in a difficult spot trying to prove ROI from an original campaign to a conversion.  This process has become more in depth and streamlined with an understanding of both your campaign goals and your analytics platforms capabilities.  Establish a forecast or benchmark before implementation and follow through upon completion of the campaigns.  Running Multi-Channel marketing campaigns have become a catchall task delegated to SMM team members and using some of these strategies will guide you through understanding your audiences “touches” along the way.

Don’t Intrude on Your Audience

How can timing in marketing be intrusive?  An example, while watching a recent hockey game and when a particular high point occurred I sought to discover and found marketers pushing sports apparel at the same time.  So, is intrusive bad?

No, not necessarily.  Many marketers consider casting a wide net and most certainly this practice gains click throughs.  Be certain to monitor any negative commenting related to your activity.  In addition, I participated in a recent twitter conversation via #seochat, which focused on a targeted audience of SEO specialists and was intrigued to observe those engaged in the chat posting their appreciation for the fact that their were no promoted tweets  targeting the subject for the week’s session.

Lastly, celebrity #hashtag apparels and brand positioning twitter handles is explosive on the Discover space.  Belvita is recieving a host of negative reaction when their ad, sponsored by spokeswomen Snooki and Deena, with tweets ranging from the name of the brand to the reality stars themselves.  However DJ Pauly D and his own personal T-Shirt Time raised positive engagement when his #swagg threads aired.  Positioning a sponsored tweet, handle or hash can be done with the right strategy.

The Family Guy commercial for Wheat Thins (#wheatthins in corner 100% of the spot) is one of my favorite examples, saying the brand “wheat thins” at least twenty times in thirty seconds or less.  Audience members are generally positive on the hash tag and proud to associate with the cultural cartoon series and the tasty treat.  Off handle and across the web there have been mixed reaction with some comparing this to the Simpsons Butterfinger endorsement and are not as impressed.

While targeting niche groups can be effective it is wise to know your audience in these campaigns and take the adage that a whisper can become a roar.

I am most inspired by Twitter Discover and it’s opportunities it is not to say that other social platforms don’t present major Cross Channel marketing potential.  Most importantly some of the tier two platforms such as FourSquare, Pinterest and Local directory platforms (Yelp, CitySearch, etc..) as opposed to the big five (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, YouTube & LinkedIN).  These alternate platforms offer a more organic community engagement, or trust, which is critical in the buying cycle


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