Digg just dropped this meme via email and we are interested to know if you can spot Leo. The first […]
Twitter capabilities now include “Tip Jars”, hip-hip-hooray and we should take notice. Now that members of Twitter can monetize their […]
Now that you can list your products for free on Google Shopping (once again, score one for the little man) and additional organic surfaces available for the marketplace listings it is a great time find out what is really in store for Google Shopping.
Just chatting general digital marketing topics tonight. What SMS tech looks like at this point seems like an item I […]
Yoast SEO, first and foremost, is one of my main SEO plugin installs. No question about it. It does the […]
SEO digital marketing dashboard
Having one (1) log in to see all of your campaigns in one place is a “must have” for any […]
Of course you can. You can market however you want. But if you are new to social marketing you will […]
sandblast your SEO wordpress
Selecting the right plugins and customization for your WordPress website is as important as selecting the right theme for your […]
google rankbrain
Bloomberg broke the story that Google has, “turned it’s search engine over to an AI machine”. That would be RankBrain, […]
selfish content
It is not surprising the amount of time spent on content development since the boom in late 2012. This was […]