What is an seo?
An SEO nowadays is most valuable as an analyst as well as a strategist. But with the phrase “Content is King” in play; I have worked with so many director level and above companies/agencies that feel they know best.
look at seo
Hummingbird?  Caffeine?  Panda?  Penguin?   What do these terms all have in common?  A direct impact on your web site […]
There are many opinions on leveraging digital mediums to gain new traffic and customers for businesses.  But many companies struggle […]
With the recent twitter hoax, that originated from a “hacked” AP twitter handle causing the Dow Jones Ind. Avg. to drop […]
ultra connected
Over 40% of users connect to the internet on multiple devices in a single day, as reported by Forrester, and this trend […]
video messaging
You Tube, Vimeo, Meta Cafe are all great platforms to create and maintain your companies video selections.  Each providing opportunities […]
Tracking Cross Channel Marketing efforts by reviewing analytics, insights and other data is an effective way to understand the impact […]
I continuously speak regarding link building still (and always) being an important element of SEO and rankings historically as well […]