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Over the past 15 years I have studied and learned as much as possible within the ever-changing field of Digital Marketing.  Always contributing and absorbing knowledge for clients and the community.  Now, I feel it is time to start this great project of sharing not only a series of educational videos and tools for marketers but to also provide an outlet for continued posts, news and consulting.

PushStar is Free

The six part series from PushStar breaks down into detail the most tried and true tactics every marketer must learn and master before considering deleting and recommending a strategy to a client.

So, what do we cover in the series?

  • The education you need to understand the entire marketing funnel
  • Actionable tactics for each source & medium throughout the funnel
  • A 20 Page Go to Market strategy Template for you to work from
  • Spreadsheets, documents, tools of the trade and Power Point templates
  • Lastly a 1 year membership to the Digital Marketing Suite

The Six Series Titles

  1. Full Funnel Marketing – An introduction to the Marketing Funnel
  2. Owned/Earned/Paid Media – Covering the Digital Landscape
  3. Paid Search – From PPC & Display to Media Planning & Trafficking
  4. Retargeting – Audience targeting & Dynamic …
  5. Organic – SEO, not as Sexy as you Think
  6. Analytics – Dive Deep into Good Data

So please, enjoy the content.  Learn what you can.  Ask questions.  And share.


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