ultra connected

Over 40% of users connect to the internet on multiple devices in a single day, as reported by Forrester, and this trend will continue. Understanding and addressing your users demand for not only brand messaging but responsive design will be the focus of many companies this year. And fully maturing an omni-channel marketing strategy to customize your brand to these marketing hungry users is your golden ticket.

By 2016 companies will be spending $77 billion on digital/interactive marketing and climbing rapidly on TV advertisement dollars. Knowing there is more space outside of TV and Interactive we will consider this micro-omni strategy focused solely on digital. Good CMOs can uncover every hidden opportunity in the discovery and buying phases of users. From the keywords we work for and the content we deliver related to them as well as the off-site partnerships we form.

The old, “How did you hear about us?”, so often neglected by sales teams, can be captured in many creative fashions. Marketing Automation tools, such as Marketo and HubSpot allow us to aggressively tag user touch points. Combine that with your CRM and Analytics software to develop an Addressable Customer Strategy. Social and OS analytics continue to evolve, both Google and 3rd Party, to light these twisted conversion paths.

With these trends on the rise it is the delicate understanding and awareness of how your multiple channels are interacting. We draw conclussions based on users coming from social platforms and their activity across other mediums. Same goes for in app advertisements or company apps and in-app purchasing. You could spend countless days going over the amount of data that is here. The good thing is that if you are considering these strategies and thoughts then you most likely require them. Meaning, a smaller site or organization will most likely require a summarized version.

But what if you are creeping toward that 25k a month unique visitor mark? What if you are an established brand wanting to understand who is hitting their digital properties and how they are engaging? How would you address them?


Marketing draws its roots from sales and we can lead a user or customer to a conversion from point A to point B in many ways. Some prefer a direct line while others prefer to wander about the forrest until eventually getting there. Like sales, you can craft your messaging at different points in order to feed the prospect with the data, trust or other information they require to reach the overall goal.

So knowing this, have you considered the importance of your first touch call to action? Is it strong enough to move users where you need them to be immediately? For the majority of us the answer is no. Because that type of message can’t exist in a repeatable fashion. Most companies fall into a trap when they rely on trust and brand loyalty in new product launches and updates in services. As consumers in a market saturated with billions of dollars in digital ads alone we have less and less loyalty to brand then we have in the past years.

Whatever your size at your organization it is best to know as much about your customers, prospects, users and more sooner rather than later. Taking extended time to drill down deep results in a clearer strategy and ROI you can measure.

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