Episode 1: Full Funnel Marketing

If you’re a seasoned marketer or just beginning your career in digital marketing, you are more than likely going to hear or know the term Full Funnel Marketing.  The first episode of this series goes into detail:

  • top of the funnel
  • middle of the funnel
  • and the bottom of the funnel


The definitions of these stages are unique, but for the most part, the top is awareness, the middle is solution consideration, and the bottom is the decision.

A Unique Approach

This top to bottom of funnel is often referred to as the customer journey Although each customer’s journey is different, we can break it down into deeper into five stages:

  • Discovery: A prospect becomes aware of your brand
  • Interest: They engage with your brand via your website
  • Intent: They demonstrate interest in your offering (e.g., downloading a piece of content or placing an item in their shopping cart)
  • Conversion: They complete a desired action, thus converting into a customer or qualified sales lead
  • Loyalty: They become a repeat customer


So, you should start to be able to see the trends and meanings from top to bottom at this point.  While marketers know that there is a funnel, all too often marketers don’t fully plan and execute their marketing to impact each of the stages. And as a result, their marketing fails.