The secret of success

At the core of every online strategy is visibility. Being seen on the web. With SEO, a company is able to capture unique visitors to their web site and convert them into customers. 

PUSHSTAR DIGITAL has been a leader in SEO for well over a decade. Not just a sales company or old school SEO agency, but a true leader in SEO for ecommerce, B2B, SMB’s all the way up the ladder to Fortune 100 companies.

There is no secret sauce for SEO. No mystery. It is execution on deep analysis and consultation of a client’s web properties, their industry & competition as well as their overall goals that deliver success. 

We develop quality content. We fix on-site technical issues. We pioneered Digital Public Relations from Link Building. And we follow all of Google’s guidelines.

SEO is an ongoing practice and is not a quick solution. Continuing to develop a brands online presence with SEO rich content will allow for rankings & traffic for high volume search queries.

Technical Crawl & Audit

Our tech team crawls sites, pages, applications and more to determine information architecture.

Content Analysis 

Titles, meta descriptions, blog content, product descriptions and a detailed content strategy are integral for all channels of digital marketing.

Local SEO (Listings, GMB)

Working on multi-location or franchises can be challenging within search and social. We leverage local SEO tactics.

Celebrating 20+ years of SEO.

From the days of AltaVista, Ask Jeeves, Excite, Infoseek, Lycos, and Yahoo , DMOZ to Machine Learning and Personalization,
we’ve been here.

Backlink Landscape Analysis

We crawl trillions of backlinks across the internet to find your backlinks (and your competitors) as links are an important SEO signal. 

Social OGP & Schema

We tag our clients sites with the proper open graph tags so the structure of their sites are read by search bots and presented with brand guidelines.

Google Search Console

Ongoing monitoring and optimization of errors, crawl stats and more from Google.

A few things we’re great at


An open-source project aimed at allowing mobile website content to load nearly instantly.


Schema is a semantic vocabulary of tags added to HTML to improve the way engines read a page.


Yes, content can be more than text and Google reads more than text with structured data.