sandblast your SEO wordpress

Selecting the right plugins and customization for your WordPress website is as important as selecting the right theme for your your business online.

The top marketplace for custom themes are Envato/ThemeForest (no affiliation), but there are others. Not only can you receive the ultimate in professional WP themes, but you can also be involved in a supporting community of devs that talk customization shop all day.

In WordPress, the temptation to add in Plugins on to a site is enticing. There are many optimization plugins and most of them provide valuable reviews and resources for vetting. And marketers/devs are quickly tempted to add these Pop-Ups, JS/CSS, Forms, and God Knows What… (Over 50,000 WP Plugins Available).

The value of having a custom WordPress install, from an SEO perspective, is when you set a clear KPI/Objective for site performance prior to launch. Site Load, CVR, Functionality & Engagement Metrics.

What I want to do when approaching a site is strip away the site. Like “sand blasting” the site. Carefully, chip away at Plugins/Settings/Tools in your “garage”, that would be your sandbox.

During this process of rebuilding for optimal performance is when we add on the OEM and Aftermarket plugins.

Always test and retest (Optimization = Testing).

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