look at seo

Hummingbird?  Caffeine?  Panda?  Penguin?  

birdWhat do these terms all have in common?  A direct impact on your web site and it’s position on major search engines. Let’s be honest, none of us are Google or can really “manipulate” the system to achieve a #1 position in rankings to increase conversions and revenue the way way we think you should be able to.  But that’s not what SEO is.  Consultants may have told you many times that, “I’ll get you to the top for these keywords.”  But, so what? SEO is mature.  It is a compliment to marketing.  We all need it.  But it is not the central funnel of a company.  In business development there are many referral avenues that are just as valuable such as partnerships, public relations and boots on the ground.  As a marketer it’s important to understand where Google is “baiting” us.  Semantic relationships and the importance of the knowledge graph?  This doesn’t mean much to business owners, nor should it.  Remember, “Google is a For-Profit Company” and what they tell us justifiably criticized.

If My Web Site Ranks #1 for Keywords then I will Get More Sales

Yeah, that’s true.  But it takes a lot of time and money to do this.  And to do it you really have to employ tactics/strategies, such as pushing content/links out there on the web that you may not understand why as a business owner.  Often it could be three or six months of gradual increases with little return on investment and then a questioning of what am I paying for? My Recommendation:  Give the keys to your SEO! I can only say that because I trust myself and what we do at PUSHSTAR.  Yes, SEO has matured and there are many people that can speak the consulting language of, “building trust and authority”, “distribute great content” and “establish social signals”.  So, why would I pay for SEO?

SEO is a Contractor Function

It’s outsourcing time.  Your time.  You are a business owner and can’t spend hours on end to write 10 blogs, 5 articles, reach out for links, optimize the page load of your coding, direct social strategy or manage a paid campaign on AdWords.  So, much like your home, you outsource work to contractors like electricians, plumbers or handymen.  Many of us could do the work (or figure out how to do the work) but we don’t have the time. Enterprise SEO is a complete different strategy with a unique set of challenges. My caution to you is that of perception.  You have heard the term SEO.

You may think it is the “Gold Rush” toward more customers and revenue.  It can be.  But, think about it in a proper context.  Yes, I can get you higher rankings.  Yes, PUSHSTAR can get you more traffic.  But where does SEO fit into your entire marketing strategy?  If your answer is, “I need to get higher rankings and more traffic to get more customers” then we should really talk.  Because, as a business owner, I understand this question and can help navigate a concrete strategy to produce real results.


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