google rankbrain

Bloomberg broke the story that Google has, “turned it’s search engine over to an AI machine”. That would be RankBrain, a machine learning artificial intelligence system that is used to help process search results. Reportedly a part of the entire Google Hummingbird search algorithm, it will eventually effect the entire landscape of search queries.

It is also reported that Rankbrain is one of the top 3 signals within the ranking algorithm. It is currently affecting a very large fraction of queries. This is expected to scale up as “the Rankbrain machine” gets smarter (or more efficient).

The addition of RankBrain to search is part of a half-decade-long push by Google into AI, as the company seeks to embed the technology into every aspect of its business. “Machine learning is a core transformative way by which we are rethinking everything we are doing,” said Google’s Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai on the company’s earnings call last week.

So, how can you beat the machine? Now that Google is reporting that the machine is alive. Well, start here and then end here for all the answers. We are entering a world of becoming Mathematicians involved with statistics, engineering and predictive analysis. These are the the types of subjects we will be talking about for the next two years in our industry.


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