Can I Start My Business With Just Facebook?

Tens of thousands of individuals and companies are trying to launch a new business or product every year. Some are experienced marketers others are new to digital marketing altogether. But all of them ask themselves, “Can I just use Facebook to start my business?”

Of course you can. You can market however you want. But if you are new to social marketing you will quickly find that there are many different Ad Types, Audiences, Metrics, Pixels, Creative, and tactics to know.

I don’t point this out as a some “social guru” or from a position of deterency. The Facebook Settings, Ad Manager, Pixel, Analytics and other tools change on a routine (almost daily) basis. So, if this is your first time inquiring – this should be interesting information for you.

Where Do I start?

Having run multi-million dollar Paid Social Media Advertising campaigns across Facebook (and Instagram – They are connected) as well as; Twitter, SnapChat, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Reddit, and other social networks, you gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities “and results.”

First, I want you to understand that Facebook Ads are not going to drive last click sales/revenue from the beginning of your campaign or possibly not up to your expectations from a ROI/ROAS perspective. Facebook Ads are a distraction to users. They interrupt the Facebook users experience.

What Does That Mean?

Think about Google: You type in a search and you are given a result page. So, you are actively seeking information, services, product, or other things. Facebook would love to be your search engine, but just try and search in Facebook…

This does not mean that Facebook Ads do not work. For Lead Generation, businesses can use Lead Ads to get new leads for lower than $1 USD. And this can be 3X more valuable than List Providers.

For E-Commerce, the Dynamic Retargeting works fantastic. This is when you visit a website and look at a specific product and then you see that same product in a Facebook Ad. This is the Ad Type that works best for ecommerce.

Your company or brand has a FREE OPPORTUNITY to create their own social profile and post regularly. This FREE option is available to everyone.

It is just the strategy and resources to follow through. I have worked with companies to increase “organic social fans”.

Each Game is a Platform.

Wait – Did you understand that? Imagine you are a sports team. And you want to grow your fans to “support you”. Each game you have is an opportunity for more fans to come. Each Game is a Platform.

Each Play is a Post.

You can make your own fans happy with a good play, upset with a bad play or angry with an official. Each Play is a Post.

Yes to Facebook for Business.

I have seen several companies succeed solely on their efforts through social media. Meaning, Social Media was 70%+ of their Google Analytics and back-end revenue/traffic source.

I have seen small business grow to 10,000 fans and develop lookalike audiences of them to drive new customer acquisition.

To each brand their is the opportunity for business success from social media. And it is not just Facebook. Visual posts through SnapChat/Pinterest are extremely effective in growing a prospective customer base.

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