In 2014 we saw that screen-agnostic mobile platforms were all the rage of high-end agencies and industry leaders. Desktop platforms (and even entertainment platforms) have now taken this approach. Consider the Xfinity X1 platform. But they were years behind Sony’s adaptation of screen-agnostic as far back as the original PS3 roll out.

Consumers are increasingly working, shopping and being entertained directly in brands apps. This is the first time we are seeing users absorb interface outside of desktop/mobile web and it is the opportunity of deployment teams to leverage usage data and analytics to show marketers how and why the general public will expect consistently from App all the way to desktop.

One of Mashables Top 15 Mobile Trends for 2015 even points to this very concept.

In the coming months, companies that aren’t already mobile-centric will start to cross the divide to increasingly screen-agnostic mobile platforms — allowing employees to keep working, no matter what devices they’re using.

From now on, mobile/tablet will be the most essential usage device. How we design, develop and deploy applications, marketing and other content is the next generation of consumption.


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