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I continuously speak regarding link building still (and always) being an important element of SEO and rankings historically as well as in the future.  Link building will always be with us, it’s just changing on how to get the best links toward your sites.  

OSE, Majestic and other tools offer excellent software to give a perspective on each of the softwares interpretation as to what they deem the best links pointing to your site. These are great tools to evaluate you and your competitors link landscape to consider new platforms and sites for link requests.

But, having been doing SEO for over 20 years from New Jersey, I still need to do the work to “get the links”. That is with digital outreach. With that comes research.

So, enter Social Marketing or Engagement Optimization into SEO/SMO.  It’s given at this point that you understand having social share options on every page of your site and that you are integrated within the social graph with the correct meta/code to capture any juice related to engagement.  

It’s also understood that you have your sites on many platforms (Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube and more).  That being said, how do you go the next step and gain more likes, tweets and +1s?

Google+ was shut down in April 2019


Well, Twitter is the easiest of all as data is showing the global audience accepting this platform as the starting point for engagement.  

I’ve incorporated a custom domain with my bit.ly account to see better data related to has retweeted me and then proactively reached out to those @handles and thanked them with an above 75% follow conversion rate.  

In addition, there are many tools to automate the labor intensive practice of Follow/Unfollow pruning to increase follower-ship.  

With these tools you can anticipate a 10% increase in followers consistently without even touching your account.

But the “firehose” is off and data from Twitter (and Facebook) is off to Google.  Google is displaying G+ information marginally higher then others, which leads us to the Antitrust discussion.  

Thus, the engagement of Facebook and Twitter will certainly have a great advantage on the Bing/Yahoo side at this time.  Consider more activity in Google+ (personal and brand) for more authority within the graph and toward your pages.

Lastly, LinkedIN as a link-bait tool and brand authority magnet is my all time favorite.  Tools available within their pro membership allow for more advanced networking to find prospects.  

”Do Follow” links (three of ‘em) and a lot of great spots for continuous content to be placed lead to a nice platform.  Add in the blog aggregation and other apps (albeit, a little limited at this time) and LinkedIN is the professional platform.

Introducing Pinterest, Quora and other new and exciting opportunities for the future of social and it leads us to a never ending land of opportunity for continued engagement optimization.  

Always connect your platforms to extend your reach and evaluate potential followers and members Klout score to prioritize your outreach efforts.

While I believe this is the year Twitter will boost even further into mainstream it is my further observation that Social Optimization and Brand Management have pushed their ways into the algorithms.  

Now it is Google (and SE’s) responsibility to weight their influence accordingly, and not merely by correlation of product/service.

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