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You Tube, Vimeo, Meta Cafe are all great platforms to create and maintain your companies video selections.  Each providing opportunities to gain rankings and traffic within video search (or organic) as well as to position your organization as not only a thought leader but also as a brand with a message.  YouTube users are uploading over 48 hours of video every minute and online video users will reach 169 million by the end of 2012, with smart phone video users reaching 52 million. Click to Tweet

View a quick video we created on getting your Video SEO Strategy in place.

Internet marketing professionals are finding ways to get their brands messages broadcast throughout video channels across the web and it doesn’t stop there.  The engagement and simple to use cross social-platform integration is making it easy to post a video, tweet it, share it, post it and more within minutes.  Remember when you couldn’t even play You Tube videos within Facebooks mobile app?  That’s so 2010…


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