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Google SiteKit WordPress Plugin and the Impact on Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO, first and foremost, is my main SEO plugin install. No question about it. It does the work I expect and has the stable performance I want.

However, Google has launched version 1.0 on October 31st, 2019 (Posted by Mariya Moeva, Product Manager @ Google) SiteKit, it’s official WordPress Plugin available at the WordPress plugin directory for free download. Now out of BETA.

This “SiteKit”, I believe, can now be confirmed to be the Google version of that connection to WordPress for business owners, web site owners plugins and hosting companies to authenticate via a Google developed WordPress plugin.

Since Google “removed the API that powered this portion of the Yoast system” just a few months back, the Yoast SEO plugin has been limited in some of it’s offering.

This has sucked from the Yoast integration and its’ display within WordPress. As a New Jersey SEO providing expert technical and tactical implementations for delivery to clients it adds multiple steps to gather this data.

Crawl Errors API discontinued (Google 2019) Impact on Yoast SEO Plugin

So, Google SiteKit has a WordPress support forum for questions and the development log can be found here. The goal appears to be to consolidate, report and authenticate WordPress publishers, plugins and hosting companies through a Google controlled product.

To Try the Official Google SiteKit plugin from Google click here.

Many site owners are installing and reviewing the plugin. Search professionals are interested in the overall goal as well.

What is the goal of Google SiteKit?

Consolidate the following Google products; Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, Analytics and AdSense, for WordPress users via a Google developed WordPress plugin
Provide plugins and web hosting companies authentication process via a Google developed WordPress plugin
Present useful web site data to businesses and site owners on the WordPress platform

Yoast in 2020

Jono Alderson has been providing routine updates and has also provided a short & mid term Yoast plan. Thank you Yoast and we look forward to 2020 Yoast advancements.

Having monitored the Yoast success over decades I am extremely excited to see the upcoming development and release and always direct users to the WordPress Watch at Yoast.

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